Pierjean Albrecht – Marbella Clinic – More than a facelift – Transform Magazine nº 1.

Transform Magazine nº 1 – Pierjean (pier) Albrecht – Marbella Clinic – editor

Transform Magazine nº1 cover page
                                                Transform Magazine nº1 cover page

Editorial – Pierjean Albrecht – Marbella Clinic – Transform Magazine nº1

Editorial - Pierjean Albrecht - Transform Magazine nº1
                         Editorial – Pierjean Albrecht – Transform Magazine nº1

More than just a facelift – Pierjean Albrecht – Marbella Clinic – Transform Magazine nº 1

More than just a face lift - Pierjean (pier) ALbrecht - Transform Magazine nº 1              More than just a face lift – Pierjean (pier) Albrecht – Transform Magazine nº 1

MORE THAN JUST A FACE-LIFT – Pierjean Albrecht – Marbella Clinic

For Dr Pierjean Albrecht, founder of Marbella Clinic, the most recent advances in lifting involve various techniques and work on the different layers of the skin, achieving results with a more natural effect

For several decades now, and even as far back as the nineteenth century, surgeons have attempted to correct the effects of ageing by lifting the skin on the face. All kinds of techniques have been employed, with early attempts resulting in visible scars right in the middle of the forehead or the temples, and later attempts more successfully hiding the scars in the hair or in front of the ears. The idea was to re-stretch the skin which progressively loses its elasticity, not from top to bottom in line with gravity, but at an angle from the chin to the ears, and from the eyes to the temples, dividing the face into three horizontal segments: The neck and jaw, the cheeks and eyes, and the temples and forehead, says Dr. Albrecht

THE REJUVENATING EFFECTS OF THESE FACE-LIFTS UNFORTUNATELY DID NOT YIELD LONG LASTING RESULTS, WHICH MEANT that surgeons had to operate three or four times on the same patients over a period of twenty years. The Surgical look or cat look, in other words the expressionless mask-like appearance that resulted from these operations, was indeed free from wrinkles and taut, but was rather unattractive and unnatural looking.

Pierjean Albrecht, form Marbella Clinic, remembers that it wasn’t until 1992 that surgeons in France hit upon the idea of associating the skin’s elasticity with the tension of fat and tissue, which cover facial muscles.

Whilst this produced more durable results, surgery was still carried out at an angle, so that after the second or third face-lift, the effect was increasingly less natural.

We have to thank a few plastic surgeons for a new approach, which consists in recognising that the skin loses its elasticity in line with gravity, i.e. vertically, and that it is therefore preferable to divide the face into three vertical rather than horizontal segments. You can observe how the central segment of the nose and chin, and the outer segment close to the ears, wrinkles but does not sag, says Dr Albrecht.

Only the skin on the cheeks and lower cheeks drops, in a similar way to the breast area. The new technique consists in lifting vertically the whole lower cheek-cheek-eyelid-eyebrow-forehead area, which enables these parts of the face to be repositioned where they were twenty years earlier. The position of and distance between each facial element is respected, which enables a totally natural look to be achieved.

To complement this new approach, I also offer patients the option of stretching the neck and jaw tissues, replacing the cut, which is visible in front of the ear lobe and is hidden behind the outer ear. Nowadays we are therefore able to offer a natural looking remodelling of the face, as long as the first face-lift is not left until too late to be performed, before the skin loses its elasticity.

Finally, Pierjean Albrecht, from Marbella Clinic, says it is important to point out that face-lifts affect the skin and the muscles, but do not change the quality of the skin or the volume. In order to obtain better results, it is advisable to use a gentle facemask called microdermabrasion and to restructure the skin by fat injection in the areas, which lack flesh, and/or semipermanent or permanent products to smooth out wrinkles.

In short, the new approach to face-lifts provides natural results, by combining techniques, and by working on several levels of tissue – the surface of the skin, the skin and the hypodermic levels of the skin – as well as by focussing on tissues and muscles.


Dr. Pierjean (pier) Albrecht, from the Marbella Clinic, is a Consultant Surgeon, specialising in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. Pierjean Albrecht was trained in France in the Medical Schools of the Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg, Montpellier I, and in Spain in the Department of Surgery of the Medical School of Salamanca University .

Dr. Pierjean (Pier) Albrecht is also an Expert Witness to the Court.

Dr. Pierjean Albrecht dedicated a special attention to Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) in Guadalajara-Mexico with reknowned Professor Armando Romero Gonzalez .

After Pierjean Albrecht has been awarded a specialized studies title in “Advanced Surgery” by the Department of Surgery of the Salamanca University , he published his clinical  research Thesis : “Lasers in Cutaneous Therapy and Plastic Aesthetic Surgery”.

Pierjean Albrecht has been then awarded the title “Doctor in Medicine and Surgery” – Cum Laude – by the same University, which allows him to teach and to carry out research programs.

Pierjean Albrecht, of the Marbella Clinic was awarded the Postgraduate university title  ”Lasers ……and Plastic Surgery” from the Specialties Department of the  Medical School of the RENE DESCARTES Paris V University   .

Dr. Pierjean (Pier) Albrecht has published numerous articles about Plastic Surgery and about the relationship between anti-aging, antioxidants and the immune system, in French and international scientific journals.


Some Scientific Publications :

  Dr. Pierjean Albrecht participated in workshops, conferences and congresses about Plastic-Aesthetic Surgery, health, anti-aging, Lasers,  in Europe, Canada and the Middle East:

Comunications in Congresses, in the faculty:


-Dr. Pierjean Albrecht was appointed an Invited. Profesor for ” Facial Plastic Surgery and with Laser” in the E.N.T. Specialists Academic Program in the Civil Hospital of Guadalajara in Mexico.

-Dr. Pierjean Albrecht was an Adviser for The Laser Clinic , Harley Street – London.


Editorial: Dr. Pier Albrecht, Dr. Pierre Albrecht, Dr. Pierjean Albrecht,

Dr. Pier Jean Albrecht, Dr. Pierre F. Albrecht, Dr. Pierre Frank Albrecht,

Dr. P. Frank Albrecht, Dr. Pierjean Frank Albrecht, Marbella Clinic

Prof. Dr.D.Fransisco Javier Garcia Criado, Professor of Surgery and Secretary, Department of Surgery at the University of Salamanca  STATES:

FIRST: That Mr Pierjean Albrecht applied , in 1998, for its registration to the University of Salamanca for doctoral studies. That according to his case, considering the academic certificates issued, the medical studies conducted by Mr Pierjean Albrecht  In the French Faculties of Medicine of Strasbourg and Montpellier 1, during the years 1981 to 1988, correspond to the academic level and are equivalent to, the Bachelor of Medicine (as the medical practice title in Spain) of the Faculties of Medicine of the Spanish University , as required, in its  added paragraphs , in the RD (Royal Decree) 778/1998 ..

SECOND: That Mr Albrecht Pierjean registered in the Ph.D. program, “Advanced Surgery”, developed by the Department of Surgery at the Salamanca University , during the years 1998-2000, the program coordinator being Profesor Francisco Javier Garcia Criado, the tutor being  Prof. Emiliano Galila Hernandez, and the Director of his thesis project being Profesor.Agustin Alvarez del Canizo. Once assessed the Curriculum Vitae of Mr Pierjean Albrecht , in which are, inter alia, certificates concerning his clinical training in various specialty surgical centers from 1986, his research activity reflected in communications to scientific meetings and publications in major prestige scientific journals  in 1995, and his complementary training by attending specialized courses between 1994 and 1998, we conclude that D. Pierjean Albrecht   thad reached undoubtedly a very high qualification in the field of Plastic Surgery and of research in his medical specialty.

THIRD: That during the two years indicated,  Mr Albrecht Pierjeaobtained the required 32 credits (320 hours) with 12 “very good”, 4 “good” and 1 “Approved”, showing at each moment a very high level of knowledge in theory and practice as clinical as well as in research.

FOURTH: That dated 1st September 2000, Mr Pierjean Albrecht, obtains, from the University of Salamanca, the title “Ability for Research” for his specialised training in this area by the Department of Surgery, which qualifies him to submit his doctoral thesis.

FIFTH: That dated 22 June 2001, he appeared before the “Court of Thesis Doctoral” the Thesis entitled. ”The Cutaneous Laser Surgery, in Dermatology and Plastic Surgery-Aesthetic. 244 cases”, which was conducted during a period of 3 years between 1998 and 2001, obtaining the highest qualification  “Excellent” and “With Congratulations”

SIXTH: That dated 25 June 2001, D. Pierjean Albrecht is granted the title of Doctor in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Salamanca.

SEVENTH: That all documentations relating to the facts set are in the files of the Department of Surgery and Section of Graduate and Doctorate from the University of Salamanca.

Made for legal statement, and at the request of the interested, we sign in Salamanca, the ninth day of March 2009

Pierjean Albrecht Cetificate

Pierjean Albrecht Plasctic Surgery Thesis



Editorial: Dr. Pierjean Albrecht, Dr. Pierre jean Albrecht, Dr. Pierjean Albrecht,

Dr. Pier Albrecht, Dr. Pierre Albrecht, Dr. Pierjean Frank Albrecht, Marbella Clinic




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Dr. Pierjean Albrecht: Publications Scientifiques:


Pierjean Albrecht: congress in Rio de Janeiro. 1994

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Transform Magazine, Pierjean Albrecht editor

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Editorial: M. Pierjean Albrecht, Dr. Pierre jean Albrecht, Dr. Albrecht Pierjean,

M. Pier Albrecht, Dr. Pierre  Albrecht, Dr. Pierjean Frank Albrecht, Marbella Clinic

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